Introducing Squid Maxi of the Month!!

While we’re highlighting our appreciation for the Squid community this week, we never stop being grateful for all of the magical members who have joined us and continue to join us on our journey here at Squid!

Do we have favorites? Of course! But our intention is to only ever encourage members on the brink of favoritism to push a little harder, add a bit more Squid sparkle, be who they truly are, and become our favorites too!

We’ve had an incredible time witnessing the Squid community grow and getting to know members who have wholeheartedly contributed to our success. Recognizing those who continuously have a positive impact on Squid is extremely important to us.

Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Squid Maxi of the Month!

Squid Maxi of the Month

The selection process for Squid Maxi of the Month has several qualifying factors. Those who achieve Maxi status stand out as pillars to the Squid community and continuously have a positive impact. They are active contributors, users, and are tried and true Squid Maxis.

Below are some of the characteristics that we do and don’t look for when selecting a Squid Maxi of the Month:

Squid Maxis do:

  • Go above and beyond as outstanding members of the Squid community 🎖️

  • Not need a list to know what this means 😤

Squid Maxis do not:

  • Ask ‘wen’ on repeat about a token or airdrop that we’ve never mentioned

  • Flood channels in our Discord with unrelated and incessant messages

  • Badger mods and support or tag them repeatedly

  • Spread negativity throughout the Squid community

  • Have temper tantrums on Twitter about Squid

  • Engage with other members in a harmful manner

  • Ask unnecessary questions without looking for readily available answers

Basically, Squid Maxis are top tier Squids, on-chain, online, and IRL. They set a precedent for Squids everywhere, and encourage true Maxi potential to be reached. And in honor of these exceptional qualities, alongside our birthday month celebration, we’re honored to announce the first-ever Squid Maxi of the Month!

First Ever Squid Maxi of the Month

It’s an honor to award Squid Maxi of the Month to a newer community member, one who instantly stepped up after joining our Discord and has continued to positively contribute in multiple ways   Nezu!!!

Nezu was the first player of our candle game and has remained on the leaderboard ever since. Nezu quickly got familiar with members of the Squid team and community, and continues to have a captivating presence throughout the channels in our Discord. It also didn’t take long for Nezu to establish an artistic identity in the form of awesome Squid themed memes (Candle Game meme by Nezu shown below).

And Nezu isn’t just active in the general chat, candle game, and meme channel, but has jumped into the support side of things, kindly offering suggestions to confused members and guiding them through support related questions, remaining patient even when faced with e-beggars. Nezu is a prime example for what we envisioned a Squid Maxi would be, and it is a great honor to have Nezu be a part of the Squid community and to be on our Squid Maxi of the Month Board.

Looking Forward

We’re excited to see the Squid community continue to grow, to welcome new members along the way, and to award those who are worthy with the title of Squid Maxi!

Please Note

This blog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. This is not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation for on-chain participation in any mentioned chains, tokens, or assets. Please do your own research before swapping any on-chain assets.

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