SushiXSwap expands to 7 new chains with Squid

We’re excited to announce that Squid has been integrated into Sushi’s cross-chain swap app, SushiXSwap. Squid’s integration is adding cross-chain support for seven new chains on SushiXSwap, effectively doubling the number of supported chains. Plus, we’re making it all possible in just ☝️ click.

Seamless swaps are now live for Scroll, Linea, Fantom, Moonbeam, Celo, Filecoin, and Kava, directly on SushiXSwap. This makes it easier than ever to safely move native assets across EVM chains, all secured by Axelar.

In addition to more chains, SushiXSwap is also getting faster. Experience the speed of sub-second price quotes and cross-chain swaps in under 20 seconds, thanks to Squid Boost ⚡️

We’re thrilled to support Sushi’s expansion of cross-chain swaps. If you’re a dApp builder looking to empower users with access to anything, anywhere in Web3, look no further than Squid’s SDK, API, and Widgets which make it a breeze to take your project cross-chain. And to all readers, users, and members: stay tuned for our next announcement, coming soon!

Please Note

This blog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. This is not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation for on-chain participation in any mentioned chains, tokens, or assets. Please do your own research before swapping any on-chain assets.

About Squid

Squid creates unlimited access for anything in crypto. Squid can be used to seamlessly swap across 70+ EVM and Cosmos chains all from one place, and Squid NFT Checkout can be used to buy any NFT using any token. Squid’s API, SDK, and Widgets offer ease of integration for projects building on any chain to enable cross-chain functionality in just 1 click.

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