Use Squid’s NFT Checkout Anywhere with the Squid Buy Button Chrome Extension

Hot on the heels of launching the marketplace for buying NFTs with whichever assets you have on any chain, we’re bringing this functionality into a new extension for Google Chrome. Just install the extension and your OpenSea NFT purchase experience will get the Squid treatment.

We’re on a mission to eliminate the need to move and hold particular assets on certain chains just to be able to buy things of interest to you. Having to bridge assets, find new exchanges to swap them, and dealing with different gas tokens makes the Web3 user experience a nightmare. Our new purchase experience makes it a breeze. You hardly even need to know you’re dealing with multiple different blockchains when you buy an NFT, which is exactly how it should be.

Install the Squid Buy Button Extension here!

We’d love to hear how you like using the new extension! And let us know where else you’d like to have this purchase experience (we’ve got several more integrations in the works already). We’re all ears on Twitter and Discord.

Don’t forget to mint the Squid Shopper NFT to celebrate the launch of Squid Checkout!


About Squid

Squid is a secure cross-chain router that enables interoperability between blockchains and apps. Squid enables single-click cross-chain actions such as token swaps, purchases, deposits, and staking. These contract calls are easily integrated via its API, SDK, and front-end components. Developers can use Squid to onboard users from any blockchain and create scalable, seamless user experiences for anyone with a crypto wallet.

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