Decentraland's Marketplace Gets a Cross-Chain Upgrade via Squid

Imagine a cross-chain world powered by Squid, now experience it on Decentraland. With Squid and Axelar’s integration, you can get any NFT listed on the Decentraland Marketplace with any asset in your wallet, from any chain.

Learn more about Squid’s integration and find our cross-chain guide to Decentraland Marketplace below…

Integration Details

Squid is powering accessibility and interoperability across Decentraland, empowering players, content creators, and contributors alike.

Don’t worry $MANA holders, it’s still the currency of Decentraland… And $MANA is still the underlying value of NFTs on the Decentraland marketplace. You just can use any asset to collect them now, instead of only being able to use $MANA.

How? Squid powers the cross-chain swap for your NFT checkout. When you click to buy an NFT using a different asset in your wallet and on a Decentraland supported chain (currently Ethereum and Polygon), Squid routes your order cross-chain in the background. From your asset to $MANA to your newly collected NFT… all in just under 20 seconds.

User Guide

We’ve put together a guide below to swapping cross-chain on the Decentraland Marketplace. Here’s how to get your very own Decentraland NFT:

Step 1: Connect your wallet and visit the Marketplace on Decentraland

Step 2: Select the Collectibles tab to see all of the items listed for sale; search for specific items by:

  • Selecting the Category to view specific type of item

  • Order them by different criteria like most recent, cost, etc.

  • Toggle On Sale off to view items that aren’t for sale

  • Filter items by name to find something specific

Step 3: Once you’ve clicked through to the item you’re looking for, click the ‘buy with crypto’ button (previously buy with $MANA button) to use the available asset you have in your wallet for the purchase

Step 4: Switch networks if necessary, review order, then click to complete your purchase! Your new NFT will be added to your wardrobe in just a few seconds.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully purchased an NFT cross-chain on Decentraland! If you’re new to Decentraland and looking to explore more, below are some Decentraland resources to get you started on your journey:


We’re proud to bring cross-chain functionality to Decentraland. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect with the recent launch of our Squid NFT Checkout! Which you can read all about in our last blog:


We can’t wait to see all of your new NFTs purchased cross-chain, so if you share them on Twitter be sure to tag us in the fun! And Squid is bringing cross-chain ease and power to other marketplaces too, so keep an eye out for your next Squid powered purchase… and be sure to check out our next announcement 👀

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Squid is a secure cross-chain router that enables interoperability between blockchains and apps. Squid enables single-click cross-chain actions such as token swaps, purchases, deposits, and staking. These contract calls are easily integrated via its API, SDK, and front-end components. Developers can use Squid to onboard users from any blockchain and create scalable, seamless user experiences for anyone with a crypto wallet.

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