One-click cross-chain deposits are live on Vertex, powered by Squid

For those of you who haven’t touched grass recently, same. So, here’s a poem for you to read instead of a tweet:

“Wen Vertex cross-chain?”

Already done.

Powered by yours truly,


Cross-chain deposits are now live on Vertex Protocol! With Squid SDK integrated on Vertex Protocol, users can seamlessly deposit their assets from any chain on Vertex. You can onboard and start swapping on Vertex within seconds.

Vertex Protocol + Squid Router = One-click cross-chain deposits

Vertex’s turbo-charged trading engine just got boosted to the max by Squid. Onboard to Vertex and instantly start experiencing the power of spot, perpetuals, and integrated money markets all in one DEX. Squid’s One-click Deposits further bolster Vertex’s revolutionary One-Click Trading (1CT) feature, meaning a seamless user journey from start to finish. With complete access to everything all in one place, never miss an edge.

Vertex offers a host of leading edge features, tailor-made for pro-traders and optimized for experience. Vertex’s hybrid orderbook-AMM model enables extremely low-latency trading and effective liquidity utilization across a broad range of assets.

You can deposit your assets or collateral on Vertex from any chain, just select a chain and an asset to make your cross-chain deposit. We’ll walk you through the specifics in our guide below 👇

How to deposit assets on Vertex from any chain

We’ve provided a step-by-step guide for depositing your assets cross-chain on Vertex.

Before the steps begin, it’s important you know where you’re going. So, once you’ve connected your wallet to Vertex Protocol, click the wallet address tab in the top right corner of your screen to open the cross-chain sidebar. From here, you can access the cross-chain deposit (powered by Squid 💫):

Connected and ready to deposit your assets cross-chain? Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Select source chain

  • Scroll or search for available networks in the Cross-Chain Deposit modal, then select the source chain you’ll be sending your assets from

Step 2: Select asset to send

  • After selecting your source chain, search for or scroll through available assets and select an asset to send

  • *Please Note: You must have sufficient funds of this asset on the selected network in order to successfully complete the cross-chain deposit. If you have insufficient funds and attempt to deposit, you will receive an error message.

Step 3: Select Vertex asset to receive

  • Search for or scroll through available assets to receive on Vertex and select the one you want

Step 4: Enter amount and submit deposit request

  • Enter the amount of selected asset you would like to deposit cross-chain and view the estimated amount of selected Vertex asset you will receive

  • Switch to the source chain if you haven’t already, review your order and then click to make your cross-chain deposit

It’s as easy as that and as fast as⚡

Squid is proud to empower Vertex with cross-chain deposits, bringing ease and efficiency to the onboarding process for everyone. Stay tuned for our next cross-chain expansion.

About Squid

Squid is a secure cross-chain router that enables interoperability between blockchains and apps. Squid enables single-click cross-chain actions such as token swaps, purchases, deposits, and staking. These contract calls are easily integrated via its API, SDK, and front-end components. Developers can use Squid to onboard users from any blockchain and create scalable, seamless user experiences for anyone with a crypto wallet.

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About Vertex

Vertex is a vertically-integrated DEX on Arbitrum bundling spot, perpetuals, and an integrated money market into a unified trading platform. Trade with lightning-fast speed, universal cross-margin, and a customizable, user-friendly trading interface. No more switching between dApps – trade, earn and borrow all in one DEX. Vertex unleashes the performance and usability of centralized competitors – on-chain and always self-custodial.

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